Encounter 3 - Actually 3 and 4, but who's counting?

Bunch of mooks, dragonshield, slinger, and skirmisher. Slinger got away into the waterfall. Dax levelled the dragonshield, blasted two mooks with lightning, and put a scratch on the skirmisher.

Dax checked inside the caves behind the waterfall and found a great deal of activity. Another few skirmishers, a wyrmpriest, and their goblin leader Irontooth nearly overpowered the party. Orpheus’s flaming sphere kept a the skirmishers at bay while Felix, Dax, and Paelias took the fight to Irontooth.

Irontooth’s defeat did not deter his remaining cohort, and soon all that was left was Dax and a wyrmpriest standing over the fallen. Dax could only curse Rhapaldo between his lunges at the kobold. After a bloody fight, Dax hurriedly revived Felix to help with the others, and the party camped in the cave.

LOOT 4 Gold Pieces 17 Silver Pieces

LOOT INSIDE Chain Shirt Battle Axe small pouch with small silver key message scroll 12 Gold Pieces 48 Silver Pieces 420 Gold Pieces +1 suit of dwarven chainmail



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