Welcome to the Hammersmith 4E Campaign!

The Town of Hammersmith is a small mining community (pop. approx. 2,500 people, with another 800 in the surrounding area) nestled in the eastern foothills of the Dawnforge Mountains. Predominantly made up of humans and dwarves, Hammersmith also contains a small community of dragonborn (The Twelfth Lineage), who were the original inhabitants of the area, and a recently arrived enclave of eladrin called The Order of the White Lion, who are worshippers of Erathis (God of Civilization) seeking to bring “civilization” to the community. Power within the locality is divided between the Lord Warden Tremere, whose seat is Forgefire Keep, and The Hammersmith Charter Company (simply called the Company), which operates the mines and whose directors act as a pseudo town council. Pelor, God of the Sun and Summer, is the main deity of the settlement, but Moradin, Lord of Creation and Artisanry, also has a significant following; additionally, The Twelfth Lineage maintains a small cult to the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut.

Hammersmith nominally resides within the Duchy of Sohnenheim, whose duke recently launched an unsuccessful revolt against his lord, King Renelahr of Del’etria. After joining forces in revolt with the nearby Duchy of Pegra, the rebels achieved a stunning victory over royal forces at the Battle of Meadthick Crick; however, following the victory, the dukes fell out, and Pegran forces turned on and massacred the Sohnenheim contingent. After the Duke of Pegra sought and was granted mercy for his transgressions, King Renelahr then declared Sohnenheim’s ducal seat in abeyance and appointed a lord protector to administer the realm until such a time that he chooses to appoint a new duke.

The Set-Up

The adventuring party consists of a small group of demobilized soldiers returning to Hammersmith from the failed rebellion. The PCs were recent conscripts to Sohnenheim’s rebel army, trained by a local explorer and adventurer named Douven Staul in the rudiments of campaigning before being sent off to fight (and die) like conscripts. They participated in both the Battle of Meadthick Crick and the so-called Pegran Turn and were among the few dozen conscripts from Hammersmith to make it back alive (and the only survivors from their specific unit). Upon returning, the PCs discovered from Douven’s wife that the old explorer had left to investigate some dragon tomb he had found a map to near the town of Winterhaven, across the Dawnforge Mountains in the Nentir Vale. However, he should have returned some time ago, and his continuing absence bodes ill. Douven’s wife fears the worst and has asked the PCs to find out what happened to Douven.


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