Villains Defeated

All you needed to kick ass was a warlock!

The party was regrouping after their last encounter, deciding where to go next, when Dax heard a noise from the surface. He investigated and came back with the warlcok Rhapaldo, who had been wandering the forests for nearly a month. He was hungry and confused, but also happy to be back amongst friends. The group quickly brought him up to speed about events that had transpired in his absence. Dax, meanwhile, was sent topside to keep watch, as Rhapaldo was afraid that “things” might have followed him to the keep.

The party investigated the western hallway. They came upon a torture room and accompanying detention area, where they engaged in fierce battle with the hobgoblin jailer and his goblin assistants. After defeating the vile creatures, they looted the bodies (Felix took the hobgoblin’s enchanted armor) and searched the area. They came upon a goblin, Splug, in a jail cell, but chose not to set him free.

In a nearby area, the party once again set to battle. This time, an alarm was sounded and the party was swarmed with goblin minions. The goblin leader, a fat goblin named [????], also appeared. He skewered Paelias in the throat and tried to flee; thankfully for the party, Rhapaldo, through the dark powers of the stars, was able to almost singlehandedly smite the villain. Gibbeth lux!

Having spent their energies in battle, the group decided to barricade some doors and hunker down for the night.



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