Villains Defeated
All you needed to kick ass was a warlock!

The party was regrouping after their last encounter, deciding where to go next, when Dax heard a noise from the surface. He investigated and came back with the warlcok Rhapaldo, who had been wandering the forests for nearly a month. He was hungry and confused, but also happy to be back amongst friends. The group quickly brought him up to speed about events that had transpired in his absence. Dax, meanwhile, was sent topside to keep watch, as Rhapaldo was afraid that “things” might have followed him to the keep.

The party investigated the western hallway. They came upon a torture room and accompanying detention area, where they engaged in fierce battle with the hobgoblin jailer and his goblin assistants. After defeating the vile creatures, they looted the bodies (Felix took the hobgoblin’s enchanted armor) and searched the area. They came upon a goblin, Splug, in a jail cell, but chose not to set him free.

In a nearby area, the party once again set to battle. This time, an alarm was sounded and the party was swarmed with goblin minions. The goblin leader, a fat goblin named [????], also appeared. He skewered Paelias in the throat and tried to flee; thankfully for the party, Rhapaldo, through the dark powers of the stars, was able to almost singlehandedly smite the villain. Gibbeth lux!

Having spent their energies in battle, the group decided to barricade some doors and hunker down for the night.


Cold … so cold … so alone …

I wander through the shadows, snow-blind, my friends always just out of reach. When will They allow me to join my companions?

... so alone … so cold …

Entering the Keep

Once inside the keep, the party found more kobolds skulking around. The kobolds provoked Felix into falling into a pit trap filled with rats, but once he escaped, Orpheus’s lightning made short work of them.

The Burial Site

The party was given directions to a burial site by Elian the Old. Supposedly, their mentor Douven had gone there, and with no other leads, the party went to investigate.

Several humanoids were already at the burial site when the party arrived. Dax and Orpheus determined something was amiss, spoiling the ambush. (Note: We knew something was wrong when there was a gnome present. Gnomes are MONSTERS now.)

The Telegraph Forest

Rhapaldo has been lost in the Telegraph forest for at least two weeks. Erathis only knows when he will escape it!

Off the Beaten Path

The woods. The woods? Why have I been called into the woods? I cannot see the stars from here.

But they can still see me.

I have abandoned my friends. Dax will probably hit me. Orpheus will not hit me, but he will wear that look of smug dissatisfaction. He doesn’t understand. None of them do.

Gibbeth be praised. Gibbeth lux.

I wend my way through the shadows of trees. It is dark. Has the moon risen? How long have I been out here? Now it is sunny again.

I see something. It hangs there; it compels me to take it. It is cold and heavy in my hands. I do not want to look at it, so I stash it in the folds of my cloak … only minutes later I feel it hanging from my neck, its chill seeping into my flesh. It is heavy with nothingness.

It’s dark again. The rain burns. I am tired and hungry, awake and full to bursting.

Fog clouds my vision. Am I still in the woods? I do not know. When it clears, I can see my friends ahead. Cautiously, greatfully, fearfully, I rejoin them.

The First Days at Winterhaven
Pages from Paelias' journal

Our travels to Winterhaven were waylayed by a mob of diminutive Draconic like creatures. Though they fought with a cunning that belied their crude appearance my brothers in arms and I with the guidance of His most Holy Erathis were able to best them. When we arrived in the small town I discovered that these creatures, called Kobolds, had been plagueing the community for several months. I met Sister Linora at the Temple of Avandra and though she was quite busy preparing to do her duties as an acolyte of the Goddess of Change she generously took the time to discuss the problems of the community. She suggested that we might approach Lord Patrick and offer our assistance. The good sister did not recocognize Duvan Stahl’s name when I inquired about him but thought that Elian the Old, who could often be found at the local tavern may be able to help us.

I returned to find my compainions had already talked with the old farmer and had aquired a crudely drawn map to the sight of the old burial site that brought our friend this great distance from home.

With Sergeant Felix and Daxogenes by my side we requested and were granted an audience with the Lord Patrick. After disscussing the extent of the Kobold problem and the militia’s inablity to deal with it Lord Patrick offered us a commision to resolve the matter through the force of our arms and a reward of one hundred peices of gold if we were successful. We accepted the challenge in the name of Erathis in order to tame the wilderness and defend the light against the encroaching darkness.

Early the next morning, with a good nights rest and a hot meal we set out in search of the kobold’s lair south east of the town. Again the beasts waylayed us on the old kings road but we dispatched them with ease. This attack troubled me worse than the first, for one of the creatures called on the arcane arts and after we slew him I discovered crudely crafted holy symbol of Orcus the Demon Prince of the Undead.

Deep in the forest, near where Lord Patrick’s map indicated the kobold lair was, we came across a waterfall from a great cliff and next to the shallow stream stood a circle of stone monoliths. Orpheus’s keen eyes detected the band of kobolds gathered around the stones and this time we ambushed them. Our easy victory earlier in the day seemed to have dulled our reactions and the beasts nearly got the best of us. My rudimentary training in basic first aid and the hand of Erathis guiding me was all that stood between Sergeant Felix and the Raven Queen. We defeated the kobolds but one of their number escaped into the water fall screaming, as Daxogenes and Orpheus tell me, something about warning Irontooth. Gathering our wits and our weapons we waited as Daxogenes scouted the cliff face and discovered an entrance to a cave structure behind the falls. We pushed our way in with blades and Orpheus’s spells and killed wave after wave of the cornered beasts until their leaders, a brutish goblin they called Irontooth and a second kobold sorcerer. With our backs pressed against the dank tunnels we fought with the raving goblin but before long it was obvious that we were outmatched. I suggested to our Sergeant that we withdraw but his brave hand steadied my own and we fought on. Orpheus fell to a cowardly kobold’s sling stone and soon the crazed goblin gave me a deep wound that brought in the darkness.

When I awoke I found Daxogenes standing over me tending my wounds and begging me to come back. With out his strong soul we surely would have all perished in that dark place. He had slain Irontooth and the sorceror and coaxed the life back into my limbs with little more than the sound of his voice. Erathis truly works in mysterious ways.

In the lair we found the spoils of the kobolds banditry and a finely crafted suit of Dwarven Chainmail blessed by the gods, that Sergeant Felix offered to me. I now wear it proudly and hope that I will do it’s previous owner proud. In the posession of the goblin was a note indicating that they were working for fiercer masters intent on opening some sort of rift that can only mean worse trouble for the peoples of Winterhaven. My body aches from the combats of the day so I shall lay down my pen for the evening and attempt to rest both body and mind in the lair of the defeated. Erathis watch over us this night.


Encounter 3 - Actually 3 and 4, but who's counting?

Bunch of mooks, dragonshield, slinger, and skirmisher. Slinger got away into the waterfall. Dax levelled the dragonshield, blasted two mooks with lightning, and put a scratch on the skirmisher.

Dax checked inside the caves behind the waterfall and found a great deal of activity. Another few skirmishers, a wyrmpriest, and their goblin leader Irontooth nearly overpowered the party. Orpheus’s flaming sphere kept a the skirmishers at bay while Felix, Dax, and Paelias took the fight to Irontooth.

Irontooth’s defeat did not deter his remaining cohort, and soon all that was left was Dax and a wyrmpriest standing over the fallen. Dax could only curse Rhapaldo between his lunges at the kobold. After a bloody fight, Dax hurriedly revived Felix to help with the others, and the party camped in the cave.

LOOT 4 Gold Pieces 17 Silver Pieces

LOOT INSIDE Chain Shirt Battle Axe small pouch with small silver key message scroll 12 Gold Pieces 48 Silver Pieces 420 Gold Pieces +1 suit of dwarven chainmail

Encounter 2 - Kobold Wizardry

2 kobold scales, a kobold skirmisher, and a kobold wizard of some sort ambushed us on the road to Guardberry. Dax was bloodied, but put his sword into each of the foes, killing one.

LOOT * 5 Gold Pieces * 23 Silver Pieces * Necklace – dragon figurine carved of obsidian – etched a skull with rams horns – symbol of Orcus * bone mask carved to resemble a dragon’s head

KOBOLD CRAP LEFT BEHIND * 2 shields * 2 short swords * dark leather armor

Encounter 1 - Kobold Brigands

The party was attacked on the way to Winterhaven by 9 or so uncivilized, honorless kobolds. Dax dropped two of the kobold minions, and nailed the thrower with a perfectly thrown shuriken. Some other stuff happened. The bodies were burnt.

LOOT * 34 silver pieces

CRAPPY KOBOLD EQUIPMENT LEFT BEHIND * 12 javelins * 5 hide armor * 5 spears * 5 light shields (appear to be a scale) * 2 short swords * 1 leather armor * 1 sling * 15 bullets


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